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Béatrice BEDEUR

Chapelle de My
70.0 x 55.0 cm


900,00 €
Fin de la vente : samedi 6 Janvier 2018

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À propos de l’œuvre

Fait partie de la série Landscapes
Peinture originale, encadrée et signée
  • Thème, sujet : Nature Abstrait Church Eglise Religieux
  • Style, mouvement : Figuratif
  • Techniques, moyens : Huile Oil

Contacter Binnovart


  • Born: 1961


  • Followers : 1

À propos de l’artiste

Born in 1961 in Liège (Belgium) Painter and photographer. Awarded a diploma in photography and cinematography of the ICADI (1982). Preference for the non-conventional landscapes, customized and deconstructed. Interesting and very original work mixing Cubist decomposition, impressionistic lively touch and colors, close to the fauvism and to the Orphism. We could also speak about pointillism but only for the multitude of colored touches and "graphs" which Béatrice spreads on her painting. Taking inspiration from photographic clichés she realizes during her ballads in our countryside, she decomposes and stylizes then the image like an architect. This first graphic work is then enriched by multiple colored touches with oil paint giving to the final set, light, heat and harmony. The use of colors is fundamental for her and she likes using them in a vast ranges. The light is also essential: vital, it represents the life and the well-being which Béatrice draws from her when she paints. Her favorite themes are of course the landscapes but she also gives way to the geometrical abstraction. Sometimes, the disintegrations disappear to let colored touches take off, but we always recognize the touch of the artist. At present, Béatrice BEDEUR works on drapes, depiction of the materials and characters. In 2003, she realized the municipal seal of the Municipality of Comblain-au-Pont (Saint-Quirin bringing down a dragon). (In. Fox «Dictionary of the visual artists of Belgium XIXth and XXth centuries ")

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